Volume 35 Number 2RSS

Volume 35 Number 2

Fall 2015

dog, monkey, custodian

The Progress and Poverty of Thomas Piketty

Eli Cook

Voltaire, Historian

Robert Darnton

Two Poems

John Koethe

Edward Lear's Nonsense and British Psychoanalysis

Adam Phillips

Two Poems

Garret Keizer


Samuel Klonimos

Three Ghazals of Ghalib

M. Shahid Alam

Sisyphus or Ella Fitzgerald? A Patron Saint for Translators

Gregory Conti

Two Poems

Ben Mazer

In the Dark with Donne and Larkin

Eric Gudas

The Rise of the Creative Con

Catherine Tumber

Five Poems

Brian Swann

Henry James, Photography, and New York City

Richard Kreitner

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