Volume 36 Number 2RSS

Volume 36 Number 2

Fall 2016

After Goya's Dog (painting)

What Is Islam? (What Is Christianity? What Is Judaism?)

The Entrapments of Top-Down Modernity

Pankaj Mishra

Between Padua and Ravenna (poetry)

Debora Greger

Notes on Burroughs

Paul Grimstad

A Sonnet

Ben Mazer

The Half-Life of Working-Class Radicalism in America

Jefferson Cowie

A Tocqueville for Our Time

George Shulman

Primo Levi: Reimagining the Biography

Berel Lang

Three Poems on the Violin

Half of Life (Poetry)

Friedrich Hölderlin translated by Bruce Lawder

What Does THE CHILDHOOD OF JESUS Have to Do with the Childhood of Jesus?

Robert B. Pippin

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