Volume 36 Number 4RSS

Volume 36 Number 4

Spring 2017

A Note on the Spring 2017 Issue

A few years ago, one of our contributors said to me, "Raritan is a good place to get thinking done." What she meant was that Raritan allows writers to follow their curiosity wherever it leads, without requiring a tidy resolution. Her comment reflects Raritan’s commitment to providing a space for long-form essays and sustained reflection, and the writers in this issue are thinking through some problems that have long remained controversial and not easily resolved. Read more...

Hobson's Choice

The Impossibility of Seeing: Animals of the Universal History of the Things of New Spain, or the Florentine Codex

Larissa Bates

Lincoln as Realist and Revolutionist

The Savior of All Human Beings

Leslie Brisman

Two Poems

Henri Cole

Boring Howells

Brian Seto McGrath

Sophistication and the Fear of Art: On William Gaddis

Ross Posnock

Four Poems

Nate Klug

Aura as Medium: Walter Benjamin Reconsidered

Barry Schwabsky

Hannah Arendt and the Uses of Literature

Richard H. King

Path Wisdom

Christina M. Gillis

Ambivalence (poetry)

Fanny Howe

Culture Wars and the Humanities in the Age of Neoliberalism

Andrew Hartman

Still Enlightening After All These Years

George Scialabba

What Is Living and What Is Dead in Existentialism?

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

\"Killer\" Putin and American Exceptionalism

David Foglesong

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