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Volume 37 Number 1

Summer 2017

A Note on the Summer 2017 Issue

"Unpredictably, but with purpose"—the last line of James Longenbach's remarkable poem "The Academy," which you'll find on page 129 of our Summer number—aptly describes the way an issue of Raritan comes together. "Unpredictably" for many reasons: we don't know what manuscripts will come in unsolicited; the imperatives to publish one piece over another vary from issue to issue; we don't plan theme issues; the line-up in our queue can change unexpectedly. "With purpose" because there is an ineffable but real Raritan spirit that governs the editorial process, from the selection of manuscripts down to the line edits. Read more...

CC Primo Levi (digital C print)

A Fine Place for a Storm

William Firebrace

Distortions on Tudor Physicians (poetry)

Charles Bardes

''Loose Change'': The Conversions of William James

Adam Phillips

Authenticating Antoine

William Casement

Caldera (fiction)

Paul Maliszewski and James Wagner

Three Poems

Marc Vincenz

All Politics

Jessica Burstein

God and Mammon, Incorporated

Eugene McCarraher

Colonial Melancholia

Megan Vaughan

The Theater of Aloneness in Film

George Toles

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