Volume 38 Number 3RSS

Volume 38 Number 3

Nausea (painting)

Salinger: The New One

Jessica Burstein

The Supreme Court and the Corruption of Democracy

Lynn Adelman

Ayiti (poetry)

Daniel Wolff

My American Uncle

Christoph Irmscher

Engraving ''Jane Eyre''

Rosalind Parry

Eliot's Auditory Imagination: A Rehearsal for Concrete Poetry

Marjorie Perloff

Four Poems from Aleph's Bet

Peter Cole

Keep Clapping (fiction)

Curt Leviant

Good Sentences, Good Behavior

Mattie's Crystal

Anne Pierson Wiese

Reveries in 4/4/4 Time (poetry/translation)

Richard Sieburth

Hardships I Now Endure (poetry)

Oswald von Wolkenstein, Translated by Richard Sieburth

Mark Twain, Charles Ives, and the Uses of Vernacular Intelligence

Joseph Horowitz

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