Volume 39 Number 2RSS

Volume 39 Number 2

Stamens 1 (pigment print)

Stamens 2 (pigment print)

Bergman and the Trials of Intimacy

David Bromwich

An Isadorable Unbound

Christoph Irmscher

Two Poems

Marsha Pomerantz

After Exceptionalism

Patrick Lawrence

Looking for Europe in a Benedictine Garden

Paolo Rumiz translated by Gregory Conti

In the Beginning: Adam and Eve Reconsidered

David Bosworth

Ousden Hall Gardens: ''Vestigium''

Helen Hills

Automated Vistas (II)

Eugene McCarraher

Three Poems

Joseph Harrison

Donkey Optics

David Wills

''Cleopatra'' at Yale

Victor Brombert

Vicissitudes of Plot (fiction)

Gordon Lish

The Face of the Enemy

David S. Foglesong

Conspiracy Theory (poetry)

Peter Leight

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