Volume 39 Number 1RSS

Volume 39 Number 1

Screams 2 (pigment print)

Screams 4 (pigment print)

John Ashbery, the Poet of Our Clime

Arthur Krystal

Automated Vistas (I)

Eugene McCarraher

Two Poems

Stephanie Burt

Road-Rage Jane in Torino

Marilyn Moriarty

The Myth of the Native Language

Gabriel Josipovici

Primo Levi

Translated by Marco Sonzogni and Harry Thomas

Sketch of a Pacifist Critic

Lawrence Rosenwald

The Whitman Experience

Michael Autrey

Jolson and Me

Willard Spiegelman

Marks and Spencer, 1969 (poetry)

Karl Kirchwey

The Reality That Agrees with Us

Francisco Unger

Nobody Here but Us Capitalists

George Scialabba

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