Volume 41 Number 4RSS

Volume 41 Number 4

Birds Got to Have Somewhere to Roost (assemblage)

Thornton Dial Sr.

An Economy of Life

Two Poems

A Stance, an Attitude

Four Meditations

Sherod Santos

Osvaldo (fiction)

Roberto De Romanis translated by Gregory Conti


Marsha Pomerantz

The Year We Met (poetry)

Jennie Malboeuf

Bachmann Celan Bachmann

Peter Filkins

The Rewards of Digression in Film Narrative

George Toles

Four Poems

Ousden Revisited

Helen Hills

Two Poems

John Koethe

The Other Side of the Coin (fiction)

Beth Archer Brombert

Act and Action

Gabriel Josipovici

Letter from Wales

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