Raritan Imprint

Raritan has entered into a partnership with Rutgers University Press to establish a Raritan imprint. The Press will publish one book a year under the Raritan imprint, either an anthology featuring work from our archive organized around a particular theme (say, Raritan on Shakespeare or Raritan on the Middle East) or a “little book” on a specific subject, developing an argument that requires more space than an essay affords.

Raritan essays will be a rich vein to mine for the “little book” series, but we will not limit ourselves exclusively to material already published in the magazine. A subject may arise that demands a small book-length exploration, and we will be on the lookout for possibilities. We see our work with the imprint as an extension of the largest aims of the magazine: to show that intellectual rigor is perfectly compatible with aesthetic play, and to serve as a bridge between the kind of thinking and writing done in the academy and a broader public discourse. The books will be developed and edited by Raritan’s editors and published and distributed by Rutgers University Press. The first book is expected to appear in 2022.

Please note that we are not currently seeking book proposals.